Furtex Flooring

Grass Turf Flooring

Artificial turf is currently very popular. It has strongly developed over the last few years and can hardly be distinguished from real grass. That is not very surprising when you consider that it is suitable for many applications in various target groups.

Due to new technological developments, artificial turf can hardly be distinguished from the real grass. Meanwhile, there are many types of artificial turf from various manufacturers and brands for sale. We can imagine that you are lost in the details, because of all the information you are offered on artificial turf.

Condor Grass

Condor Grass delivers artificial turf which is a durable and safe alternative for natural grass. After years of research Condor Grass delivers the above mentioned and more. In the meantime Condor Grass has nestled itself among the largest suppliers of artificial turf for, amongst others, landscaping and sporting purposes.

Intensive cooperation between the internal research office and its customers ensures continuous improvement of the products.


From needle felt grass carpet to the highest quality tufted artificial turf; artificial turf is the ideal flooring for roof terraces, gardens and public areas. Orotex Belgium NV produces artificial turf in needle felt and tufted grass carpet for both private and commercial purposes.

Continuous investments in new qualities and improving existing types of grass carpet lead to a wide choice in artificial turf.