Furtex Flooring Tapijt


A well chosen rug or carpet can completely perfect a floor and / or interior. Furtex Flooring supplies carpets and floors from renowned brands in various styles and colours. Many of the high quality rugs can be made in any desired size.

Rugs and carpets have lived through a development over the past 15 years, which is unparalleled. If it caused problems in the past, nowadays fine solutions have been found. If only you think of the stain removals that are possible nowadays.

ITC Carpets - Imperial Tufting Company

ITC Carpets

ITC, Imperial Tufting Company, is one of the world's largest manufacturers of tufted carpet from polyamide. It owes its rapid increase to a proactive policy and a forward-looking vision. ITC is a reliable partner and a "master in comfort" for its customers worldwide. It has been developed market oriented and is of high quality.

Condor Carpets

Condor Carpets

Condor Carpets' core business is the production of tufted wall-to-wall carpet. Condor Carpets sticks to a high quality and price ratio. Different manufacturing methods and materials ensure a complete range of carpets. Thanks to automated processes and quality monitoring during and after the production, Condor Carpets guarantees a constant high quality delivery of Berber, synthetic and patterned carpets.

Mashad Carpets

Mashad Carpets

Mashad Carpets is known for its high standards of quality and innovative designs and is the pioneer manufacturer of the highest quality machine made carpets in Iran, the Middle-East and the entire world. From the design to the delivery of the products to dealers and end users, Mashad Carpets' attention to detail and strive for perfection have made it a respected leader in the global textile industry and a proven choice for consumers.

Beaulieu - Tapijt


Carpets of Beaulieu are created with the latest production and yarn techniques, designs and colours. Only strong and durable yarns are used: polypropylene, polyamide, polyester and solution dyed nylon. The carpets are not only of excellent quality, but also improve the necessary acoustics of any room, as sounds are being absorbed.

Balta Group - Tapijt

Balta Group

The Balta Group has grown from a small-scale SME to one of the world leaders in flooring. Every day they are looking for further quality and production improvements. A strongly forced vertical integration, a binding quality policy and a unique, market oriented creation represent the main thrusts of the strategy.